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Rent our space (Artist/Maker)


Are you an artist/maker/yoga instructor who longs to teach

but you don't have adequate space to do so?
Then, we invite you to rent/book our gorgeous studio space for your next class/workshop.


~For artists, we will provide you with a 12-15 foot table and up to 20 chairs for

your students in the studio area of our gallery
~You will have access to a sink/bathroom
~You will need to bring ALL supplies for your project (ie. paint, paper, brushes,

paper towels, easels, scissors, etc). We will not have any art supplies available for use.
~For yogis, we have an open floor plan for your students to spread out.

(A visit before booking yoga classes is required)
~Space Rental Fee is $75 per hour (with a complimentary 15 minute window on

each end for set-up/clean-up).
~WIFI enabled (no printer available)
~Depending on your booking time, please note that the gallery/shop may be open during your creative session (except for yoga/breath work/mediation classes).

Please note: GWP is NOT responsible for registering participants for your event.

However, we will happily help to advertise your event across all of our social media platforms.

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