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Meet Sarah & Angie

Meet Sarah

Sarah Renzi Sanders is a mixed media artist born in Washington D.C.


After ten years of teaching art to children, Sarah decided to stay home upon the birth of her third child. She rediscovered her passion for her own practice during her youngest son’s nap time.


In 2017, Sarah created Renzi Sanders Art and began selling her work online. Since then, she has participated in international online exhibitions as well as in person juried shows in the D.C. metro area.


Known for her vibrant colors and symbolism, Sarah explores spirituality and the feminine journey in her work. Her paintings are greatly influenced by her meditation practice and her experience as a mother. Sarah founded Kensington Artists in 2021, to bring together a community of creatives, while promoting the work of artists in her own neighborhood. 


After years of dreaming of opening a gallery, Sarah, along with her neighbor and fellow artist, Angie Kilcullen cofounded Girls Who Paint. Sarah is thrilled to create space for female artists, while making art more visible and accessible in her community. 


Meet Angie

Angie Meche Kilcullen is a mixed media artist currently
residing just outside of Washington DC. She grew up in southwest Louisiana in the heart of Cajun-Country, which offered her an abundance of exciting visual, musical and social stimulations that still influence her art, design and lifestyle choices today. 

Kilcullen has also lived in Canada, Tokyo and Paris.

She received her MFA in painting from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Kilcullen works out of her

125 year old converted barn studio in her backyard.

She resides with her husband, 4 children and 2 dogs.

Kilcullen has been active in the arts community of Kensington for the last 10+ years. She has hosted a multitude of art pop-ups featuring all female artists. These pop-ups created community, promotion and connection for female artists from the area and provided a wonderful network for them to tap in to. 

Kilcullen's newest endeavor of

Girls Who Paint gallery|studio|shop

is a natural trajectory for Kilcullen as she strategically focuses her vision on connection, promotion and provision of a platform for female artists from around the US.

Kilcullen is also the founder of a curated print collection featuring work by all female artists. This collection can be

found at MissPrints & MasterPieces

Girls Who Paint  Mission Statement

Girls Who Paint strives to promote more artistic opportunities, primarily for women, in our community and beyond.

We desire to make art more accessible to a wider audience.


Our mission is to foster a culture of community by providing a space for more women artists to be seen and heard. We aim to create a network for artists that offers support and encouragement through exhibitions, exposure,

pop-ups, artists gatherings, retreats, and much more.

We are NOT your typical gallery space. This space is owned and operated by two dynamic professional female artists.

Numerous studies published in recent years have confirmed what many already know: women artists are grossly underrepresented in both galleries and museums. 

We want to do our share to change that statistic. What

would the art world look like if more women

owned and operated these spaces??


Our focus is to provide a vibrant and welcoming space; to promote underrepresented artists while engaging the local community by providing them access to emerging, mid-career and established artists.

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