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Morgan, Alisha


Oil on Canvas

12x12 in 

$800 (SOLD)


Alisha's journey spans continents, beginning in Germany and flourishing in the United States. Despite facing numerous challenges, she forged a vibrant life imbued with resilience and creativity. Her affinity for flowers and gardens, cultivated perhaps by memories of her homeland or inspired by the lush landscapes of her adopted country, permeates her existence. Through perseverance, she transformed adversity into opportunity, infusing her surroundings with hues of vitality and grace. In her art, Alisha's passion blooms vividly. Each stroke of her brush is a testament to her profound connection with nature and her innate talent for capturing its essence. Whether depicting a blossoming garden or a solitary bloom, her canvases resonate with the beauty she sees in the world. Through her artwork, she not only expresses her love for flora but also invites others to share in its splendor. Alisha's story is one of resilience, adaptation, and the transformative power of art. From her roots in Germany to her blossoming in the US, she continues to enrich the world with her vibrant spirit and her ability to illuminate even the darkest of days with the radiant colors of hope and beauty.

Tulip (SOLD)

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