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Putnam, Elspeth

This Year's Roots Grow Next Year's Flowers


9x12 in (white mat, black frame)



In the delicate intricacy of a cyanotype featuring the resilient snowdrop, we glimpse a profound truth echoed throughout the natural world: "This Year's Roots Grow Next Year's Flowers." Amidst the crisp azure hues, the snowdrop emerges as a symbol of resilience and renewal, its slender stem reaching skyward despite the frosty grip of winter. This timeless wisdom transcends the confines of the canvas, speaking to the cyclical nature of life itself. Just as the snowdrop draws sustenance from its roots to bloom anew each spring, so too do we find strength in our past experiences, nurturing our growth for the seasons ahead.


Price does not include shipping.

Collector will be invoiced for shipping charges once exhibition has ended and work is shipped.

This Year's Roots Grow Next Year's Flowers

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