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Castaneda, Isabel

Spring Messenger #2

Mixed Media

9.5x11.5 in (ornate metallic frame)



"Spring Messenger #2", captures the essence of the beautiful colors of the Spring season. In South America, I grew up watching llamas carrying themselves with such elegance and joyful faces despite of having to walk miles and miles across the Andean mountains. Moreover, llamas in Peru usually are used for transportation or for bearing the weight of food and basic essential items. In the same way, we too tend to carry heavy loads for our dear ones. No matter the seasons in life, we care for the people we love the most. The colorful flowers that I painted on the llama's face represent the wonderful rewards and the flourishing of the human heart when we serve and love unconditionally. 


Price does not include shipping.

Collector will be invoiced for shipping charges once exhibition has ended and work is shipped.

Spring Messenger #2

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