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Chun, Mijin

Oriental Invasion

Acrylic Gouache

9x9 in (framed)



The Clown named Minute is one of my personas representing myself on the unconfident or overwhelmed days. Minute The Clown may be embarrassing moments in my life too. My other persona, Lady Reverie who is fancy and perfect, might have had an intermission, but she has never left the stage.

Lady Reverie is my full blossom, where my dreams come true. This time, Minute the Clown transformed into Kkoma Gamyun [kko-ma ga-myõn] (꼬마 가면) (means Little Mask in Korean). She looks very demanding and persuasive. Truth be told, she is very shy and insecure just like Minute the Clown.

You realize that she is literally hiding behind the mask! Lady Reverie felt almost attacked by the appearance of Kkoma Gamyun. She got tired of sharing the stage where she would be blooming like a solitary flower. When on earth will she finally enjoy the stage all alone? But we know that her days with Kkoma Gamyun (or Minute the Clown) will fertilize her soil and eventually help her become not just beautiful but also a unique solitaire.


Price does not include shipping.

Collector will be invoiced for shipping charges once exhibition has ended and work is shipped.

Oriental Invasion

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