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Chun, Mijin


Acrylic Gouache

9x9 in (framed)



The Clown named Minute is one of my personas who became more dominant since my motherhood began. I have been juggling like a clown who doesn’t have enough confidence. Minute The Clown is my chaotic days, where I hardly see a way out. Since I never lost my hope and dream, my other persona, Lady Reverie who is a fancy perfect heroine on the stage, has been looking for an opportunity to predominate again. Lady Reverie is my full blossom, where my dreams come true. This time, Lady Reverie transformed into Choonmong Assi [CHoon-moNG a-ssi] (춘몽아씨) (means Lady Daydream in Korean) who was created out of my Korean background.

Seoul, South Korea is where I grew up until I came to the states 20 years ago. Its artistic heritage has always been with me whether I keep a distance or fell in love with unfamiliar aesthetics. It is inauguration day! For the first time, Minute the Clown officially met Choon Mong Assi. Are they shy? 

Are they going to get along? They might not connect with each other immediately. But I believe they will soon.


Price does not include shipping.

Collector will be invoiced for shipping charges once exhibition has ended and work is shipped.


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