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Silva, Susan

Head in the Clouds


7x7 in (matted and framed in white)



Sweet Spring's embrace… whispers bloom, carried on zephyrs, weaving tales of rejuvenation. Gossip girls, dainty petals giggling in the breeze, their secrets shared in fluttering dances. Each bloom, a confidante to the next, painting hills in vibrant hues, a canvas of gossip and blooms.


The hills blush with the secrets they hold. They sway and sway, as if in conversation, their murmurs echoing through the verdant valleys.


The season of rebirth, the earth awakens from its slumber, gossip girls reign supreme, adorning the landscape with their delicate beauty. They gather in clusters, forming tapestries of color that carpet the hillsides.


Their whispers carry the promise of new beginnings, of love blooming like the petals unfurling in the warm sunlight. 


Oh, Spring, with your hills of fresh blooms, the beauty of sharing secrets, of basking in the warmth of companionship. You teach us to embrace change and to welcome the unknown with open arms.


So let us revel in your splendor, dear Spring, and join the gossip girls in their merry dance. For in your embrace, we find solace, joy, and the promise of endless possibility.


Price does not include shipping.

Collector will be invoiced for shipping charges once exhibition has ended and work is shipped.

Head in the Clouds

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