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Chun, Mijin

Bloom To Be Fruitful

Acrylic gouache

7x7 in (framed)



The Clown named Minute is one of my personas constantly juggling without confidence. Minute The Clown is untimely yet busy buds in winter. Since I never lost my hope and dream, my other persona, Lady Reverie who is a fancy perfect heroine on the stage, is always here too. Lady Reverie is full blossom in beautiful seasons. This time, each of them transformed into Kkoma Gamyun [kko-ma ga-myõn] (꼬마 가면) (means Little Mask in Korean) and Choonmong Assi [CHoon-moNG a-ssi] (means Lady Daydream in Korean). This style was created out of my Korean background, from where I was inevitably rooted in. Even though I was busy looking for something outside while I was growing up in Seoul, South Korea, its aesthetic has always been with me. Now I am connecting one with another to make the most unique beauty out of it. My art embraces all my experiences, both I got from South Korea and here in the United States of America. It is blooming where I was planted and transplanted, or where I will be traveling as a seed or as many seeds all around the world until even bearing many fruits.


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Bloom To Be Fruitful

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